Virginia State Inspections in Yorktown, VA

Your Local VA State Inspection Station - Auto Pros

What is Included in a State Inspection?

Auto Pros is an authorized VA State Inspection and Emissions service station in Yorktown. It is important to bring your vehicle in for a state inspection to be sure it is safe to operate on the road. The purpose of the state inspection is to inspect the most common safety aspects of a vehicle, which includes testing the brakes, parking brake, all lights, steering, suspension, signals, wheels, tires rims, mirrors, and horn. Not to mention, we will test your vehicle’s emissions to ensure it meets the standards set by the state of Virginia. We know that vehicle inspections can be inconvenient, but they are important for your vehicle’s safety as well as the environment.

Quick & Accurate Inspections

At Auto Pros, we understand that you don’t want to spend all day waiting on your vehicle to be inspected. That is why our team is made of ASE certified technicians who have the expertise to provide fast, accurate inspections to ensure your vehicle is safe and compliant with the VA state motor vehicle law. We will evaluate your vehicle and let you know if there are any repairs needed that are preventing your vehicle from passing inspection. If so, we will work with your budget to help get the services completed before the time your inspection is due. If needed, we are happy to provide you with a maintenance plan to help avoid any inspection failures in the future.

Make an Appointment for Your VA State Inspection

If your vehicle is due for inspection, you will want to make sure to bring it in early so that any necessary repairs can be completed before the deadline. You can find our shop at 1808 George Washington Memorial Highway Yorktown, VA 23693 in Yorktown, Virginia. While our technicians inspect your vehicle and perform an emissions test, we have a cozy waiting area equipped with free wifi and complimentary coffee for your convenience. Call us today at 757-968-5130 or request an appointment online for this year’s VA state inspection at Auto Pros!