Does Your Vehicle Need Wheel Realignment?

What to Look Out For

As you drive your vehicle, you’ll inevitably encounter harsh weather or terrain. During these times, it isn’t uncommon for drivers to accidentally hit a pothole, curb, or even get in an accident. If these situations happen, not only could it hurt your vehicle’s exterior appearance, but it can also throw the suspension system off its alignment. Although not visible, wheel misalignment is an issue that can cause serious problems down the road.

Do you suspect wheel misalignment in your vehicle? If so, Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia is here to help you out. Before and during your next drive, make sure you look out for these classic signs of wheel misalignment.


Unless you are driving over gravel, rumble strips, or have a safety feature in your vehicle, you should never feel the steering wheel vibrate. If you notice that the wheel begins to vibrate, especially at higher speeds, that indicates your vehicle is suffering from wheel misalignment. This is caused when the wheels of your vehicle are angled in opposite directions and working against each other, instead of together. This is both annoying and dangerous to drive with, so we recommend a realignment service as soon as you notice this.


When you return the steering wheel to a neutral position, the vehicle should drive in a straight line, barring any inconsistencies found on the road. If you feel any minor or major drifting and you have to fight the steering wheel to keep the vehicle straight, your vehicle is suffering from pulling. Driving with this symptom makes it very difficult to properly operate your vehicle, as you’ll have to move the steering wheel at abnormal angles for your vehicle to maintain a straight path. This could lead to serious accidents if not fixed, so schedule a realignment service at your first convenience!

Uneven Tire Wear

If you suspect wheel misalignment in your vehicle, the first thing you should inspect is the tires, as uneven tire wear is a classic symptom of misalignment. This is typically caused when the “toe” angle of the suspension system is misaligned, and it can lead you to have the tires replaced one at a time instead of all together. If you notice uneven tire wear, make sure to visit Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia for a wheel alignment service!

Written by Auto Pros