Clear the Air, Change your Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filters, Auto Repair, and More Whether you drive to the office every day or work from home, you probably still spend quite a lot of time in your car every week, so it’s important to know about all the parts in your vehicle. One unsung hero when it comes to car parts is […]

The Many Benefits of Wheel Alignment

How Important Is Wheel Alignment, Anyway? As a car owner, you probably know that there are certain maintenance tasks you need to occasionally take care of in order to keep your car running properly and driving safely. You know your car needs to get routine wheel alignments, but do you truly know why this aspect […]

Keep Your Cool and Bring Your Car to Us

We Offer Quality Auto AC Repair Nothing is worse than getting behind the wheel of your car on a sweltering summer day and realizing your AC doesn’t work. While it may be tempting to fix your auto AC at home for cheap, it will often do more harm than good. The auto AC repair experts […]

We Can Help You Find the Perfect New Tires!

Yorktown’s Trusted Tire Repair Experts Buying new car tires is a relatively simple process. It’s finding the right ones for your needs that can be tough. If you buy the wrong tires, you can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and ability to navigate all types of weather conditions. You should be replacing your tires every […]

How to Avoid Wheel Misalignment

What You Can Do Although it’s a necessary and frequently requested service, wheel alignment is something that most drivers never really prep for…until it’s too late. And to be fair, it’s pretty hard to “prepare” your vehicle for wheel misalignment. Even something as simple as hitting a small pothole can knock your car off alignment, […]

Repair or Replace Your Tires?

How You Can Tell If you’ve been one of the unlucky many to damage your tire, it’s likely the first thought in your mind is “dang, I’ll need to get this tire replaced.” And if you’ve thought that, then that’s great! More often than not, the safest option when it comes to a damaged tire […]

Understanding the Importance of Wheel Alignments

Why Your Tire Angles Matter When you hear the phrase wheel alignment, what do you think of it? For many people, they believe the phrase is strictly about tire adjustments. Still, as any mechanic at Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia will tell you, alignment is about calibrating your vehicle’s suspension for optimum performance and the […]

Does Your Vehicle Need Wheel Realignment?

What to Look Out For As you drive your vehicle, you’ll inevitably encounter harsh weather or terrain. During these times, it isn’t uncommon for drivers to accidentally hit a pothole, curb, or even get in an accident. If these situations happen, not only could it hurt your vehicle’s exterior appearance, but it can also throw […]

When It’s Time to Move On (From Your Old, Broken Tire)

You’re driving back home from a wonderful trip where you and your family just visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg (we love Apollo’s Chariot!). While on the way back, you reflect on how amazing the day was. Nothing could ruin this day, right? Bang. Spoke too soon. You pull to the side and see that you accidently […]

Four Signs Your Wheels Are Misaligned

Misaligned wheels can come from a variety of situations. Potholes, “curb checks*,” or debris on the road are just a few of the many reasons why your car got knocked off its alignment. Regardless of how your tires got misaligned, it’s best for car owners to get this problem remedied as soon as possible. Issues […]