Repair or Replace Your Tires?

How You Can Tell

If you’ve been one of the unlucky many to damage your tire, it’s likely the first thought in your mind is “dang, I’ll need to get this tire replaced.” And if you’ve thought that, then that’s great! More often than not, the safest option when it comes to a damaged tire is to replace it. But before you start giving your local tire shop (or us!) a call, know that tire replacement isn’t your only option. In fact, there’s a chance your tire could be repaired, and that could save you significant time and money.

But there is a catch: your tire must have specific characteristics to qualify for repair. Many shops, including ours, don’t repair tires unless they have these TWO requirements. Why? Well, these requirements let tire repair experts know that the tire is structurally sound. Without them, a tire repair will only place a band-aid over the problem instead of providing a permanent fix. So before you opt for tire repair, here’s what you should look for:

  • Damage Location: If your tire has been damaged, your first order of business is to check where the damage is located. If the damage is found anywhere other than the tread of the tire, your tire can’t be repaired. The tread is the most durable part of the tire and is the only place that can hold up to repairs. Any other location will only compromise the tire’s structural integrity.
  • Damage Size: Along with the damage being on the tread, it can’t be bigger than ¼ inch in diameter. Anything bigger than that quickly disqualifies the tire, as your tire won’t have the structural stability to hold. So if you see any large gashes or cuts on the tire, assume it needs to be replaced.

Let Us Help You

If your tire can be repaired, or if you’re aren’t sure, reach out to the Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia. Our knowledgeable tire professionals can quickly determine if your tires can be repaired or replaced. And if they need to be replaced, we’ll help you find the right set of tires for your vehicle and driving style.

Written by Auto Pros