Understanding the Importance of Wheel Alignments

Why Your Tire Angles Matter

When you hear the phrase wheel alignment, what do you think of it? For many people, they believe the phrase is strictly about tire adjustments. Still, as any mechanic at Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia will tell you, alignment is about calibrating your vehicle’s suspension for optimum performance and the health of your tires.

Wheel Alignment and Suspension

While alignment does affect the tires, specifically tire angles, it is about adjusting the suspension body to create optimum roadway contact. This adjustment then improves handling and, in effect, performance.

Three Key Measurements

To improve or maintain vehicle performance and tire wear, it is necessary to consider the measurements or angles of the tires. Mechanics are concerned with three angles.


While looking down at your feet, turn your fit in and out. Now, imagine that your feet are tires and do the same thing, that is called toe alignment.


As one of the most critical alignment measurements, the caster is responsible for the vehicle’s steering axis. When properly balanced, this angle balances and improves steering, cornering, and stability.


Every tire should have an inward or outward tilt, called a camber. However, when the angle is too high, it can cause problems, enjoy pulling or uneven tire wear.

Alignment Offers Protection

While several automotive services contribute to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle, alignments are often overlooked. Tire alignment is a crucial protective feature on your car because it directly relates to maneuverability and handling. Therefore, you should add this service to your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule.

Alignment Issues and Wear

Have you noticed any feathering, where one side of the tread is smooth, and the other is sharp? What about more wear on the inside or outside of the tread, indicating camber wear? In either case, seeing uneven wear on a tire’s tread typically means that the car is not in proper alignment. Have you experienced any pulling, signs of feathering, or other concerning wear of your treads? If so, do not hesitate to bring your car into the shop. Contact Auto Pros and schedule an appointment for wheel alignment service to avoid damage.

Written by Auto Pros