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Buying new car tires is a relatively simple process. It’s finding the right ones for your needs that can be tough. If you buy the wrong tires, you can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and ability to navigate all types of weather conditions.

You should be replacing your tires every three to four years. In order to make the process easier, the tire repair technicians at Auto Pros in Yorktown, Virginia, are here to help.

Here’s our brief tire buying guide.

Types of Tires

The first step in purchasing the right set of tires is knowing what type you need. The most popular tire selections include:

All-season tires: These tires offer good grip in all types of weather and work well year-round. They can fit most mainstream cars and SUVs.

Summer tires: Wonderful in warmer weather, summer tires offer superior grip, control, and comfort in both wet and dry conditions. They aren’t recommended for driving in the snow or sleet.

Performance tires: Performance tires offer top-notch handling and grip at high speeds. Great all year long, they’re the perfect type of tires for performance sedans and sports cars.

Winter tires: These can be identified by the snowflake or mountain symbol found on the sidewall. Winter tires are ideal for driving in the sleet, snow, and ice.

What Size Do I Need?

Another important factor to consider when shopping for tires is the size your car needs. Consult the placard on your driver’s side door or owner’s manual for the recommended measurements. The label will look something like P120/60R19 95T.

The first part of the label indicates the tire’s measurements. The 95 represents the load index, which is how much weight each tire can carry. The T is the speed rating, or how fast you can drive on those particular tires.

If you need assistance, the tire technicians at Auto Pros are glad to help.

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Written by Auto Pros